Home Loans

A home loan, also known as a mortgage, is a type of loan provided by financial institutions, such as banks or lenders, to help individuals or families purchase a home. It is a long-term loan that is secured by the property being purchased.

Here are some key points to know about home loans:

Purpose: Home loans are specifically designed to assist borrowers in financing the purchase of a residential property. This can include buying a house, apartment, or land for constructing a home.

Loan Amount: The loan amount is determined based on various factors, such as the property's value, the borrower's income, credit history, and the lender's criteria. Typically, lenders finance a percentage of the property's value, while the borrower pays the remaining amount as a down payment.

Interest Rates: Home loans involve interest charges, which are the fees borrowers pay for borrowing the money. Interest rates can be fixed or variable. Fixed interest rates remain the same throughout the loan tenure, while variable rates can fluctuate based on market conditions.

Loan Tenure: The loan tenure refers to the duration over which the borrower repays the loan. Home loans generally have long tenures, often ranging from 15 to 30 years. Shorter tenures result in higher monthly payments but lower overall interest costs.

Down Payment: Borrowers are typically required to contribute a down payment towards the purchase price of the property. The down payment amount is usually a percentage of the property's value and can vary based on the lender's requirements and local regulations.

Repayment Options: Home loans are repaid through regular installments, which include both the principal amount borrowed and the interest charges. There are different types of repayment options available, such as fixed monthly installments or graduated payment plans.

Loan Eligibility: Lenders assess a borrower's eligibility based on various factors, including income, credit score, employment history, existing debts, and the property's value. Meeting the lender's eligibility criteria is crucial to obtaining a home loan.

Collateral: Home loans are secured loans, meaning the property being purchased serves as collateral. If the borrower fails to repay the loan, the lender has the right to foreclose on the property and sell it to recover the outstanding debt.

It's important to note that home loan terms and conditions can vary between lenders and countries. It's advisable to consult with multiple lenders, compare loan offers, and seek professional advice before finalizing a home loan agreement.


The following documents are required along with your Home Loan application:



Businessmen – Professionals

Application form with photograph Application form with photograph Application form with photograph
Identity and Residence proof Identity and Residence proof Identity and Residence proof
Last 6 months bank statements Last 6 months bank statements Last 6 months bank statements
Processing fee cheque Processing fee cheque Processing fee cheque

Income Documents

Copies of Title Documents of Agricultural Land depicting Land holding

Latest Salary Slip Educational Qualifications Certificate and Proof of Business
Copies of Title Documents of Agricultural Land depicting crops being cultivated Form 16 Business Profile and Previous 3 years Income Tax returns (self and business)
Statement of previous 2 years of loans availed   Previous 3 years Profit/Loss and Balance Sheet

Bank Product Interest Rates Details Select
Home Loan Salaried 9% p.a. onwards

Upto  1% OR Min 10000/- + GST 


Home Loan - Salaried 8.75% p.a. onwards

 Home Loan 0.50% + GST
 Admin fee 5000+GST
 Login Fee : 3000/-


Home Loan - Salaried 8.75% p.a. onwards

Salaried - 0.50+ GST 

Home Loan -Salaried 8.45% p.a. onwards

0.5% or Rs.3,000 whichever is higher

Apna Ghar - Salaried 8.45% p.a. onwards

Up to 0.50%

Home Loan- Salaried 9.40% p.a. to 10.25% p.a.

2% of the loan amount plus GST or Rs. 10,000, whichever is higher

Home Loan -Salaried 8.50% p.a. onwards

0.35% (Max Rs. 15,000)

Home Loan -Salaried 8.75 % onwards

Salaried - 0.50%+GST